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Tec4tekkers es un programa técnico de entrenamiento de fútbol desarrollado en las academias de la Premier League.


Diseñado por Gwynne Berry para jugadores y entrenadores, el programa ahora se entrega a nivel mundial en los 5 continentes.


¡La filosofía Tec4 está inspirada e impulsada por lo último en investigación en ciencias del deporte que establece que el talento NO NACE!


Creemos que el potencial de mejora en cualquier individuo es ilimitado y que escalar las alturas más altas no solo está reservado para un grupo seleccionado.


Para aquellos jugadores con impulso y determinación, que están dispuestos a comprometerse con la carga de trabajo, los resultados pueden ser fenomenales.


Gwynne Berry

In the early days of his career, Gwynne was a youth player with Crystal Palace F.C. Since then he has built an impressive repertoire built on years of dedication to the sport. Having been a Professional player with 1000+ senior appearances

over 23 years a few of his career achievements include:

-F.A. Trophy Winner 1994

-30 years as a professional football coach.

-Academy Technical Coach Crystal Palace F.C.

-Academy Technical Coach West Ham United F.C.

-Academy Technical Consultant Reading F.C.

-Technical Coach Educator F.A. of Wales

-Technical Coach Educator Latvian F.A.

-Technical Coach Educator Estonian F.A.

-Coached in 40 countries over 5 continents


“ What is done in the dark, will shine in the light “



The Tec4 philosophy is based on the premise that the ability to improve and develop should be available to all. Attaining technical excellence can be achieved within a disciplined, structured and progressional environment.













To make structured technical training and session plans readily available to both players and coaches alike 


"It is practice, not talent, that holds the key to success."



Tec4 players and staff use these core values to guide decision-making and planning so we can achieve our mission:


Integrity:   keep promises, be unselfish, take pride in your work, be aware of how your words and actions impact others


Growth - set goals, plan, be curious, push yourself outside your comfort zone, embrace the opportunity to learn each day


Persistence - understand there is not progress without struggle, you must fail to develop, don’t be afraid to lose, think  long-term, compete, seek new challenges


Science - base decisions and planning on solid evidence, do your own research, quantify performance, test new theories


Leadership - see yourself as a role model, set an example, be others-focused, value relationships, communicate  effectively, treat others with respect


"We believe the limiting factor to be the

player themselves."


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